KRIS (fadetofear) wrote,

Update Update

I'm still not feeling great and having to take things one day at a time, but I'm working on it.

I'm not working because my energy sucks and I need to be napping almost constantly. I get worn out super easy.

This week has been very frustrating. I had a neurology appointment on Tuesday morning that didn't go so well. I feel like the doctor I saw wasn't listening to me at all. She deflected my concern about my energy by saying that my psychiatrist would take care of it, even though I feel like it is directly related to the headaches- which I am still getting daily. She also seemed very doubtful of me when I told her that I wasn't on Effexor for energy, but to counteract the growing depression/suicidal thoughts I got as a side effect of the medicine she prescribed me. That medicine, Lamictal, is a mood stabilizer, and those have a tendency to fuck with people as much as they help others.  Then she said something starting with "I don't want you to think that I am ignoring the depression..." and I just stopped listening because I feel like she IS ignoring it completely and I don't appeciate that.
I actually have big problems discussing my depression outside of a psychological setting because of the social stigma/ignorance of it. This past semester, I have repeatedly been treated in less-then-savory ways because of it, but that's another story.

Back to the neurologist. I suppose it was foolish of me to not call ahead for a refill on the Lamictal. I ran out on the day that I saw her, so I figured she'd give me a script and I could get it filled that day. Fat chance. She is inept. I went 3 days without my medicine and went through some withdrawal last night because she couldn't get the prescription faxed right- in fact, she sent a fax for a medicine I have never taken before.
I am currently looking for a new neurologist. I finally got my medicine this morning, by the way.

Yesterday, I started up with a new therapist. I like him a lot. It was just an intake appointment, but I am going to be seeing him regularly. He already thinks that I'm on a really good track with trying to work through things. And he called me articulate, which is an awesome compliment. We scheduled 4 more appointments over the next month. I'm looking forward to them.

It seems to me like I am due for a nap, so I'll just end it here. ta.
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