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This is friends only, and I hope I'm not embarassing you, Rielle, but I've wanted to say thanks. I've been thinking about some interactions we had in high school that I remember well and am very grateful for.

I've been struggling with depression for probably... 15-16 years now and was particularly deep in it in high school as my mom was getting sicker and sicker. You noticed (and Arianna, too-- I have a great memory of that as well) and, I think, tried to keep my spirits up. I remember on one occasion you put a sparkly blue bracelet around my wrist, and on another occasion you gave me your phone number in secret "for anything."
I actually found that little corner of a page in my room not so long ago when I was cleaning things out. I don't think I ever used it, but the gesture alone made a few of my days better.

Thank you.

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In an effort to spark more creativity, I will only be using internets while at work. I will use it very sparingly at home since that is the primary method my dad and I communicate.

Au revoir.

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So Tuesday night/wenesday morning I woke up with the chills and nausea. For the next 6 or 8 hours, I was sleeping and waking with either chills or sweats every hour or so, accompanied by the nausea. It went away after awhile, I think I shat a few times, and that was that. It was really scary for me since I have the fear of vomiting, and especially since I was home alone. William has been at his dad's farm since Monday night (Monday I had a migraine-- woo!). My brother came up to spend the day with me since I didn't know when/if it would end. I took the day off work.

Thursday I went to work and got one of my favorite lunches, had a pretty good day and drove down to the farm. Around 11 that night, the same symptoms came back and I spent the entire night on the couch waiting out waves of nausea and sweats/chills. It just kind of went away in the same fashion.

Looking back at the days I felt ill, I realized that I ate tempeh both days. Tempeh is one of my favorite foods and I eat it pretty often in all meals. However, this is the only similarity between the two days, and my symptoms popped up in the same way, same time frames. I guess I have a sudden intolerance to one of the grains involved, or maybe I got a bad batch and eating tempeh again so soon after triggered a similar response.

How would I go about figuring out which grain to avoid? I go to see my neurologist on Tuesday, so I guess I'll just mention it to him. I hope that the food intolerance is what is wrong, because I don't want to feel like that again while I'm home alone, or ever, really. W gets home Tuesday or Wednesday...

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Apparently there was an ice storm in Boone last night.
This morning, W was supposed to drive my van back up there. I hope everything is okay. I've called once and texted him one, and nada.

It's raining here now, and I may or may not be going to see a friend play a gig at a cafe. The other friend that was supposed to play now will not be there. I can't get a hold of anyone else who is supposed to be going. Hm hm hm.

Good thoughts.


Hi, I am at Noah & Alyse's for the first time since April! Yaaaaay!

&! My brother's first day of work is in Charlotte, so I picked him up from the airport yesterday and we all hung out. Might meet up with him again today, but I'm not counting on it too much. 

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I got a B in my Lit course since I decided not to do the second paper or review. Good grade for little effort.
Got an A in Constructions of Gender, which I'll take, but it doesn't make sense. I was averaging out my grade to be around an 89.2, which would not round up to an A. But that's cool!

I'm also rather pleased to see that my GPA isn't completely fucked by failing two classes last semester. Granted, it's gone down QUITE a bit, but it isn't as bad as I thought. I was pulling a 3.4 overall before last fall, and now I have a 2.98. As long as I stay around/over 3, I am pretty happy with myself. I think it'll show well that one semester was totally fucked and I was able to pull out of it.

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I just got 10 books for $9.22 from the paperback book exchange in town.

Mother by Maxim Gorky
Madame Bovary by Flaubert
The Wisdom of the Heart by Henry Miller
Daisy Miller by Henry James
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
The Way of All Flesh by Samuel Butler
Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak
War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
Music and Imagination by Aaron Copland
Modern Music by Paul Grifiths

I am hoping to finish The Master and Margarita soon & I started on a collection of essays this morning called Edge of Awareness. Exciting exciting exciting. I love me some books.

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Nerd nerd nerd alert.

I started The Master and Margarita by Bulgakov today. One of the first characters in it is Berlioz, named for Hector Berlioz, the composer of Symphonie Fantastique.
In the novel, another character predicts that Berlioz will be beheaded.
In Symphonie, Berlioz was inspired by the invention of the guillotine. One of the movements ends with the sound effect of Berlioz's head rolling across the stage.
"It was Berlioz's severed head" are the last words in the third chapter of the novel.

How great is that?

I still need to do some research on if Rachmaninoff was inspired at all by Chekhov for one of his concert etudes [in A minor, I believe, called "sea of seagulls"]...

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anyone have any spare spirals? i've got the piercing itch bad, but i've decided to try and stretch my left ear instead. it's at a 2, while my right ear is 7/16 hahaha...

I pretty much just need 2g and 0g spirals. I think I'm on the smaller size of 2g, so it'd be good to just define it a bit more. I have 00g and 7/16 covered.

I can pay probably about $10 total, if that's any incentive. Free is always nice- I'll pay shipping or send you something fun back!